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Our Pastor

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Michael W. Smith

Pastor of The River Church

Bishop Michael W. Smith is a native of Miami, Florida, where he attended Hialeah Miami-Lakes High School. After high school, Michael matriculated to Nova Southeastern University where he majored in Elementary Education. Upon completing 109 credit hours, Michael decided to heed the call of God on his life and further his Biblical studies. He then attended Trinity International University where he majored in Christian Ministries. Bishop Smith’s ministry endeavors commenced with his acceptance of God's will for his life as he was humbly ushered into the gospel preaching and teaching ministry in 2003. An avid student of the Word, Michael applied for and subsequently passed the first level of ministry in the Church of God, headquartered in Cleveland, Tennessee and became an exhorter in December of 2003. On January 21st, 2005 Michael became an Ordained Minister with the Church of God. On the 30th of May, 2008 Michael was consecrated as an Ordained Bishop, the highest rank of ministry within the Church of God.


As a minister, “Pastor Michael” as he is affectionately called has worn several hats. Until recently, Bishop Smith was shepherd to the young people of North Miami Avenue Church of God. Bishop Smith also served as the District Youth and Christian Education Director, a position in which he was shepherd of the young people and children of 7 churches. His outstanding work and leadership with young people has gained Bishop Smith notoriety within the Church of God. This was evident by his appointment as the Church of God Regional Coordinator of Youth and Christian Education for the Southeast region of Florida. In this capacity he had oversight of 57 churches within the said area. Most recently Bishop Smith was appointed to pastor The River Church in West Palm Beach, Florida.


The foundation for his consistent pursuit of ministerial excellence can be easily traced back to both his familial roots and early Christian childhood training. Pastor Michael is a Godly man, dedicating his entire life to serving and equipping people as well as bringing willing individuals into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ to and for the glory of God. His energetic, informed, compassionate and humorous demeanor has enabled him to effectively communicate God's message of power, love and deliverance to those in need of a breakthrough. He uses as his personal theme words noted journalist, the late Tom Brokaw once said, “It’s easy to make a buck, it’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” Pastor Michael’s desire is to make a difference with everyone whom he is privileged to encounter. St. Francis of Assisi once said “Share the gospel and if necessary use words.” Never to be deterred by life's unexpected challenges, Pastor Michael with great passion, continues to embrace God's perfect will for both his life and ministry.


Bishop Smith is honored to be the father of the beautiful Danielle and very proud grandfather of Ezekiel.

"Small enough to care and Large enough to share!"

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